Innovative Design Team Posters

Yellowbus: Virtual Learning Adventures

Group members: Bonnie He, Claire Velikonja, Farah Ashqar, Michael Fediw, Rakan Khoury, Ziad Ashqar

School: University of Toronto

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The quality of education is highly dependant on how much money a child’s family has, with higher class families having access to private schools or better public schools. This disparity continues later into a child’s life. Improved access to enrichment opportunities, such as field trips, has been shown to increase grades and 12% of students were seen to earn higher incomes in the future. Moreover, 14% of students have a disability that may hinder access to enrichment opportunities. The emerging Educational Technology (EdTech) market can help narrow this gap and provide a more equitable playing field. The EdTech market is projected to grow at a rate of 9.23% over the coming years making this a lucrative market. YellowBus aims to bridge the gap by providing engaging digital adventures. YellowBus allows educators to create custom online adventures to solidify and contextualize curriculum. The additional integration of artificial intelligence will tailor content to a student’s specific learning style and give teachers deeper insight on student performance. In the short-term, YellowBus aims to aggressively capture the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) while adding more school boards in the coming years. Teachers will be used as consultants when designing course content to ensure regulatory compliance. Regular check-ins with both teachers and students will ensure that content is engaging. From a financial perspective, the 15-year net present value of YellowBus is projected to be $25M and an internal rate of return of 56%. This is based on revenue being generated from selling the product to district school boards, with the basis being school board funding for enrichment and activities. Most of the costs are associated with staffing the sales and technical support departments. Overall, YellowBus is a sustainable service that ensures no child is left behind.