Kyle Lacroix

Kyle is excited to let everyone know that OEC this year will be 42nd, and by that, he means that it is the answer to everything. With all of this year's hardships, he wants to ensure that OEC stays true to itself and continues to be an excellent competition connecting brilliant engineering students from across Ontario! A fun fact about him is that he has 7 pugs!


4th year Mechatronics Engineering at Western University


Aya Aboughanem

Aya is excited to be running the first online competition with the goal of keeping the essence of OEC alive! She's also excited for a great weekend full of opportunities to innovate, network and have fun! A fun fact about her is that she has a pet parrot! 🦜


5th year Electrical Engineering & Management at McMaster


Co-VP Competitions

Haniya Saleh

Haniya is excited to try something new and move to a greater focus on planning and management. Her personal mission as Co-VP Competitions is to help our Competition Directors to not only create a successful competition, but also learn and grow to become better versions of themselves!  A fun fact about her is that she is most often referred to as a "teddy bear" by those who have met her. If you see her out in this socially distanced world, you will most definitely find her in a bear mask!

Masters of Engineering

at the University of Guelph


Co-VP Competitions

Ariq Maclean

Ariq is excited to see all of the ingenuity from the competitors in how they'll approach their solutions under these unique circumstances! He hopes to help create the best possible set of competitions that can be done given the restrictions! A fun fact about him is that he has a large tattoo of a four-leaf clover made to look like it's stitched to him because it's a running joke that he's got incredible luck!

4th year Computer Science

at the Carleton University


Courtney Lacroix

VP Publications

Courtney is excited to keep everyone connected through social media during this difficult time. She wants to create the same fun, in-person atmosphere online. She is enjoying working on OEC with the excellent organizing committee. A fun fact about her is that she knows how to sew!

2nd year Mechatronics

Engineering at Western University


Alexis McCreath Frangakis

VP Finance

Alexis would like to use the budget to our advantage to maximize the experiences that OEC has to offer. With this year being online, we are able to lower delegate fees to increase accessibility, and balancing this while still creating as close to an in-person experience as possible is definitely her goal for this year. A fun fact about her is that she teaches karate part-time!

4th year Biomedical Mechanical

Engineering at the University of Ottawa


Alaina Hansen

VP Technical

Alaina is really excited to be the first VP Technical helping run a fully online OEC! Her goal for this position is to create an online environment where teams can get as much of the real OEC experience as possible, including setting up chats, video calls, and streaming for communication between team members, judging, and closing ceremonies. A fun fact about her is that she's currently learning ASL in her free time!

2nd year Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo


Edward Yang

VP Logistics

Edward is very excited to see the great tradition of OEC continue this year and watch the competitors' incredible resilience and adaptability as they showcase their skills. He's also excited for his role as the VP Logistics to prepare events that will allow competitors to network and meet each other, making memories of OEC to hold onto for years to come. A fun fact about him is that he owns a slide rule and know how to use it!

3rd year Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo


Prithviraj Keswani

Co-VP Sponsorship

Prithviraj's goal for this year's OEC is to get a lot of sponsors and make this competition a fun and welcoming event for all attendees. He is really excited to be working with our sponsors and making this event memorable for everyone! A fun fact about him is that he knows how to play more than three instruments!

3rd year Computer Engineering

at the The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University


Amir Abdi

Co-VP Sponsorship

Amir is excited to see how the final OEC 2021 turns out. He thinks the organizing team for OEC 2021 is pretty amazing. They use all the opportunities to make improvements to the competition, so the final turnout will be really interesting to see! A fun fact about him is that he's 6'3 but is the shortest member of his family!

3rd year Civil (Structural) Engineering at Ryerson



Sarah Lacroix

Graphic Designer

Sarah is excited for the opportunity to design so many graphics for OEC! My goal is to gain more experience in the graphic designing field, and OEC is the perfect opportunity for me to express my artsy abilities while still being a part of the engineering community! A fun fact is that she love all different types of dance and currently dance's competitively.

1st year Engineering at Western University


Sami Dimauro

Marketing Coordinator & Volunteer Director

Sami is very excited to have the opportunity to work with engineering students from all over Ontario and help to make the first online OEC a success! A fun fact about Sami is that she is 8th cousins to Prince William and Princess Kate's kids! 👑

3rd year Mechanical Engineering and Society at McMaster University