Innovative Design Team Posters



Group members: Kavithan Singarajah, Farhan Raza, Poonish Gupta, Saumya Sharma

School: Ryerson University 

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In the real world, firefighters are constantly facing life-threatening situations where they encounter fires in large areas with lack of oxygen, high temperatures, and low visibility. These dangers include a collapse of the environment due to damages inflicted as well as severe health concerns and even death. Presently, firefighter organizations are searching for ways to implement surveillance technology in order to improve the safety of their crews and put out fires in an effective and time efficient manner. Moreover, robots are being integrated in multiple industries internationally to replace tasks that are deemed hazardous for human intervention. Team EZ Solutions Inc. designed a concept to combat this evolving issue by developing a surveillance robot to survey and navigate a fire-engulfed area in real time using obstacle avoidance technology and distance sensors. In most fire-consuming scenarios, time is of the essence, and so the design also consists of the use of haptic (vibrational) feedback to a glove controller worn by the operator in a

remote location for an immediate response. The robot will also use technology implemented by the LIDAR sensor to create a virtual image of the affected area. Implementing this instantaneous map of the affected area would be significantly beneficial to firefighters as it would: (1) acquire information to root cause of fire and how to resolve it, (2) communicate living organisms in danger and their respective locations,

and (3) provide the safest route avoiding obstacles or falling debris. This design will provide an adequate and completely safe solution for firefighter organizations at only a fraction of the cost used to purchase firefighting equipment annually. Currently, the team intends to use this product design for training purposes which then will be implemented into firefighting applications