Competition Directors


Communications Director

Reno Natalizio

4th year Systems Design Engineer at the University of Waterloo

Reno is excited to showcase the amazing communications skills of our Ontario engineering students, and the projects they have been investigating this year.


Consulting Co-Director

Kasturi Ghosh

2nd year Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Kasturi discovered my love for Consulting during my Co-op term and am really excited to create and organize a challenge that people find relevant and interesting.


Parliamentary Debates


Owen Short

2nd year Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University

Owen is looking forward to watching some stellar arguments. He aims create some problem statements that will challenge people to think outside their comfort zones and engage with difficult issues confronting the engineering world and society at large.


Junior Design Co-Director

Ricardo Quadras

2nd year Computer Engineering & Entrepreneurship Engineering at the University of Guelph

Ricardo can’t wait to challenge our younger set of minds to challenges they’ve hopefully never encountered before! This means he was extra mean with the problem statement this year but adversity breeds strength, creativity and pushes us forward in life!


Programming Co-Director

Kaveen Kumarasinghe

2nd year Computer Engineering

at the University of Waterloo

Kaveen is excited for the entire experience of the event from start to finish. His goal is to use my extensive hackathon and directorship experience to provide the attendees with a challenging and rewarding competition!


Re-engineering Co-Director

Osose Itua

3rd year Mechatronics Engineering Honours & Co-op

at the University of Waterloo

Osose is looking forward to creating problem statements that are relevant and exciting, with the hopes that it fuels solutions that surprise and inspire her!


Senior Design Co-Director

Andy Huang

2nd year Software Engineering

at Western University

Andy enjoys overcoming challenges, meeting new people, and working with talented individuals. He can’t wait to see how competitors will pop off for their creations.


Innovative Design Director

Julia Hawkins

4th year Environmental

Engineering at the University of Guelph

Julia is excited to be meeting students from across the province, and helping to run an awesome competition for them.


Consulting Co-Director

Alessandro Giuliano

5th year Mechanical Engineering Co-op at the University of Guelph

Alessandro is excited to see what the groups will be able to come up with, to solve the challenge presented. The goal is creating an engaging and creative yet realistic challenge.


Parliamentary Debates


Macie Orrell

2nd year Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University

Macie is super excited to hear some awesome debates about topics affecting the engineering field right now! She thinks it’s extremely important to discuss and question the impacts of new designs and technological advancements on society.


Junior Design Co-Director

Shaun Seneviratne

1st year Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University

Shaun is stoked to challenge our younger competitors in a way never seen before! Keeping to the theme for this year, Opportunist will ask the competitors to make decisions to bring the best design to the table.


Programming Co-Director

Trent Stauffer

2nd year Computer Engineering

at the University of Waterloo

Trent is excited to see what awesome tools and software participants can come up with to help the problems at hand. With everyone being online, software is more important than ever! He cannot wait to see that spark here at OEC.


Re-engineering Co-Director

Yilin Huang

4th year Materials Science Engineering 2T0 + PEY

at the University of Toronto

Yilin is excited to provide a problem statement that encourages competitors to think about a commonplace problem from an angle they’ve never taken before.


Senior Design Co-Director

Harwinder Singh

Masters in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering,

Completed in August 2020

Harwinder is excited about being a part of OEC and networking with other fellow engineers in making the competition a success. My goals for OEC as Director would be to deliver an intricate real-life problem statement to the participants that invites innovative solutions.