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Commute Academy

Group members: Kam Zaidi

School: McMaster University 

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Long distance commuting to and from school is a hassle for students from the difficulty of commuting and the horrendous solutions available today. From late busses to expensive Ubers, students must rely on tardy travel solutions or their wallets. The current commute solutions available to students result in numerous complications beyond the scope of affordability and time. Such complications have a negative effect on many of the 15.6 million post-secondary

students that commute to school, in North America alone. Complications can include, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, etc. This also includes 9% of the commuting population having suicidal thoughts due to commuting complications.

Some examples of these complications are:

1. Bussing to school. The amount of delays it causes is quite irritating and doesn't work with student schedules.

2. Uber is another option to take to & from school. While it does get you from your house and takes you straight to school, it is more expensive than bussing.

3. You can use a rideshare Facebook page but they can be very unreliable and unsafe, since there are no background checks on the driver.

4. Third option, called Pop-A-Ride, is a rideshare app. The issue is the driver will not pick you up from home or drop you off directly to school, which means you need to commute more.

The purpose of The Commute Academy is to make commuting easier and more affordable for students' lives. Instead of waiting for public transport to take you to class late, why not get a private ride with peers to get you to class on time. Better choice, better class, better time, on

time. The Commute Academy is a Rideshare application where students can book their ride with other students in a vehicle that is owned and driven by a student. These students would be picked up from their select location where the student driver can drive them to and from school.

The driver picks the time they are picking everyone up. The rider can also post their times. This app will be exclusively available to post-secondary students, faculty and recent alumnus. The rider will pay a similar price as they would for public transit.



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