About OEC


About OEC

The Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) is an annual event where engineers from various universities across Ontario compete. At OEC, students of all disciplines and years come together to compete in several categories to solve various engineering problems. This competition provides competitors with opportunities to grow their skills. OEC consists of 8 engineering competitions where students are tasked to think outside the box and solve various problems. Each team will demonstrate their skills by coming up with an innovative idea that they will present to a panel of judges. OEC is an excellent opportunity to use all the knowledge learnt from the classroom to apply it to a real-life problem. The event will be running from January 23-24rd.

Competing at OEC

In Order for students to compete at OEC, each team must win their respective university’s qualifier competition. Top teams from across  Ontario will move on to demonstrate their creativity, design and communication skills at OEC. The winning teams from OEC then move on to represent Ontario at the Canadian Engineering Competition hosted by Canadian Federation of Engineering Students in February 2021.


Theme: Opportunist

While the optimist and pessimist were busy arguing whether the glass was half full or half empty the opportunist drank the glass of water. Each year, a new theme is selected for OEC to keep things relative to current times and the host school. The

world is evolving and so should we by taking on opportunities through being innovators. We wish to foster innovation and creativity based on current anomalies

in the world with our theme of Opportunist. Throughout the weekend we will encourage all competitors to put on their “opportunist lens” and look for unique solutions

in each competition.

"In times of disruption is when opportunists must step up and inspire in the 21st century."